Data Loggers

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Thermal Process Technology, Inc., introduces the next generation in thermocouple data acquisition. The NI-Winlogger is a high-density thermocouple module designed for high channel count systems. Each channel can sample at 75S/s.


The Type ‘T’ thermocouple system works in the Windows computer Operating System. The datalogger can be configured with either 16 or 32 differential channels. The analog input resolution is 24-bits. Cold-junction compensation is used for signal conditioning.

Communications between the datalogger and the computer uses a standard USB 2.0 cord. The 16-thermocouple model uses the USB to power the datalogger. The 32-thermocouple model uses a standard computer cord to power the logger.

The software user interface allows for any z-value and reference temperature to be used for the lethality calculation during the test run. Fahrenheit and Celsius data can be collected. The time-temperature data can be stored for further processing as a text file in a file designated by the user.